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Carbon Counter

Regularly updated resource which tracks the fuel efficiency of popular passenger vehicle models, by type. For the most accurate numbers, be sure to use the “customize” options to reflect your region’s grid carbon intensity and fuel/electricity prices.

World Electric Vehicle Journal

The first open access, peer-reviewed journal exclusively dedicated to EVs. Looking for intel on a new development or niche technology? This resource will help.

Battery University: Electric Vehicles

High-level backgrounder on EV technological advancements with a focus on battery capacity and chemistries.

kW and kWh Explained

Basic, clear overview of common units of power and energy, and their inter-relationships. For non-engineers of course!

The Future of EV Charging with V2X Technology

Backgrounder on V2X technology, highlighting potential benefits to EV owners and electricity grids.

EV Battery Degradation Tool

Worried that an EV’s battery will degrade as fast as the one from your old laptop? Check out this easy to use tool based on real world battery performance, by EV model.

Temperature Tool for EV Range

To better understand the impacts of ambient temperatures on EV range, check out this simple yet highly informative tool, customizable by EV make and model year.

Zero Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative

NRCan's ZEV Awareness Initiative is accepting proposals for projects in 2021-2022. Up to $300,000 is available to cover up to 75% of project costs. Municipalities and most other types of organizations are eligible for funding.

EV Newsletters

These free newsletters, delivered daily, weekly, or monthly to your inbox, will keep you abreast of major developments in the world of EVs. Associated websites host a tonne of useful info on all things EV.

Green Car Reports


Electric Autonomy Canada

Charged EVs Magazine

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