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ZEVs in Fleets and Urban Transit

Resource Collection

EV Fleets Knowledge Hub

Electric Autonomy's free educational tool to walk fleet operators through the key steps involved in transitioning fleets to EVs.

Zero-Emission Technology Inventory (ZETI)

CALSTART’s ZETI tool is an interactive online resource to establish a current and shared knowledge base for worldwide commercially available offerings of zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs).

Trudeau pledges billions in permanent funding for public transit

Article summarizing February 2021 GoC commitment to providing $15B in funding for public transit initiatives over eight years.

Canada Infrastructure Bank’s $10B Growth Plan: Summary

2020 Growth Plan overview of $1.5B short term budget for zero-emission transit and school buses and infrastructure, and longer term $5B budget for clean public transit.

TTC now has largest electric bus fleet on the road in North America

Article about the Toronto Transit Commission’s recent e-bus procurements and decarbonization targets.

Lyft pledges shift to 100% EVs by 2030

Article detailing Lyft’s ZEV targets and plans, and the role Lyft can play in accelerating ZEV adoption amongst its drivers.

Loblaw prepares for future with EVs

Article exploring Loblaw’s fleet electrification plans and decarbonization strategy over the next decade.

Largest EV suitability assessment ever proves fleets that don't electrify leave money on the table

Summary of comprehensive assessment of suitability of EVs for real-world fleet duty cycles.

Telematics RFP checklist for EV support: What fleets should expect from their telematics provider

A list of foundational items to require from telematics companies servicing municipal or corporate fleets.

Charging Forward: Fleet

Summary of benefits of fleet electrification, supportive government policies globally and domestically, and commitments from different levels of government and private companies.

Making the Case for Electric Urban Delivery Fleets in the GTHA

Pembina Institute report on the costs, energy demands, and environmental benefits of electric delivery van usage in fleets.  

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