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ZEVs Benefits

Resource Collection

University of Toronto near-road air pollution pilot study

Comprehensive study detailing health impacts of vehicle emissions in Canadian cities and establishing methodologies for ongoing monitoring of air pollutant levels (full and summary reports available).

Clearing the Air

This study models five ZEV adoption scenarios in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and quantifies anticipated health benefits associated with each.

Hidden benefits of EVs for addressing climate change

2015 peer-reviewed paper which assesses the ability of EVs to reduce temperatures in cities and thereby reduce energy demands associated with air conditioning.

Another EV Benefit: Less Noise Pollution

Article providing background on noise reduction benefits of EVs, with links to several academic studies.

EV ownership perks in Quebec

Regularly updated summary of perks to EV ownership in Quebec, including free parking and free access to toll roads and ferries.

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